Privacy Policy


Magnolia Artisan Soaps, LLC is committed to protecting your privacy. No information is collected, stored, disclosed, or distributed to outside sources. Information obtained will strictly be utilized for the purposes of completing your purchase and providing you with possible sales opportunities. The only foreseen exception would be if required by credit card rules, a supoena, or other legal process.


People under the age of 18 are allowed to browse the website, however, they are exempt from making purchases that involves obtaining personal information.



Shipping Policy

Non-holiday Policy:

All orders will be shipped within 48 hours of your order being received and approved. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for bulk orders. Shipping occurs on business days only (Monday through Friday). Please allow additional time for holiday schedules.


If an order requires communication or confirmation from a client, order processing resumes after the communication is received and order is approved.



All orders UNDER $50 within the US are shipped based on the shipping weight from the United States Postal Service. All orders OVER $50 will receive no shipping charges.

Terms and Conditions

Given the personal nature of the products and hygiene, Magnolia Artisan Soaps, LLC has a NO REFUND, EXCHANGE ONLY policy. All exchanges MUST be returned in its original, unopened, and sealed packaging. All expenses incurred with the exchange WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. If you are truly concerned about the quality or performance, I recommend the trial size two ounce products for your initial purchases. Most products are offered in the two ounce size as an option, as available.


I trust that you will be convinced that the products that Magnolia Artisan Soaps, LLC offer are high quality and that you will be as happy as I am.

Please see independent webpage under the dropdown menu for all Terms and Conditions.



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